Week Beginning 12/10/2017

Conferences, Training & Events

  • Winter Training, Anaheim CA, Dec 25-30
  • Video Training, Dallas, Dec 27 – Jan 6

Important Fellowship

  • Sign-up for Winter Video Training in Dallas. Deadline is today.
  • Please confirm your name and phone number on the working list. Print any changes for the sake of legibility.


  • The Recovery of the Church, Week 6
  • Life-study messages 35 & 36 of Genesis

Prayer Meeting

  • This Week: Prayer will be in the homes this week

Lord's Day Morning Meetings

Presently we meet in two districts due to the size of the city.

  • District 1 | 13093 Meandering Way, Dallas

    At the hall: Starting at 10:00am Reading in the groups Life-study of Like, message 1. After a break, we’ll come together to prophesy over HWMR The Recovery of the Church, week 6, by language.

  • District 2 | 3505 Maple Ave, Dallas

    At Reverchon: Starting at 9:30am Same content as above

Lord's Table

  • This Week: 5PM at the Hall


  • After the meeting, the West Dallas prayer group (Manuel Manzanares) will clean the hall. Next week it will fall on the North West prayer group (Byron Penados).

Daily Bible Reading Schedule

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Week LD Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
10 Matthew 23:1-12 23:13-39 24:1-14 24:15-31 24:32-51 25:1-13 25:14-30